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Band-pass filter parts
Then buy a breadboard.
Did not know that it was possible to use a breadboard. Wil order one from ebay write away.
Is there a manual on how to build the filter on a breadboard with the parts i order from you?
Hi, I've jus received the complete set. Because I'm new to wiring etc I need some help.

First, the wiring diagram for the sender/receiver can be found on the wiki.
[Image: pinout.png]

The wiring diagram of the filter can be found on Github.

[Image: circuit.png]

Am I right that the filter will be wired between the receiver data pin and rpi GPIO 18 pin? So 'pilight in' is connected to rpi GPIO 18?

In addition, should there also be a direct link between the receiver data pin and the rpi GPIO 18 pin?
You are right, no additions Smile

Ok, I soldered everything en plugged the GPIO pins on the rpi. Is there a way to quickly test the sender/receiver/filter without using a protocol? Something like a selftest?
I have no devices yet to communicate with.

I did the following:
$ sudo pilight-send -p kaku_switch -i 1 -u 1 -t
$ sudo pilight-receive
... output ....

So it seems to be working!
I'm also interested in a kit (sender, receiver, attiny, resistors). (to Germany)
Have theses senders receivers already pcb antennas?

I'm not sure about the wiring.
There are 5 connections from the attiny to the raspberry pi ( and one from the receiver to the atiny, beside the ground and 5V of course)?
The sender is connected directly to the Pi?
- Wiring schematic is includes with each order.
- The receiver has a small PCB antenna, but an external one is recommended.
- The sender doesn't have an antenne, but an external one is recommended.
- Sender goes directly to the RPi.
OK Thanks for the reply, could you add the wire so I can solder the atenna myself. I'm not sure to have cables with the right diameter?
I directly send you the money with paypal?
No, antenna are not included. For payment, follow the instructions.

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