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Firmware selection for Low pass filter should be explained.
I read https://wiki.pilight.org/doku.php/low-pass_filter and in the beginning it says:

Quote:"To install a low-pass filter, use an Atmel ATTiny25, ATTiny45, or ATTiny85 microcontroller...".

Then there are a command for flashing the firmware:

sudo pilight-flash -f /etc/pilight/pilight_firmware_t45_v3.hex

It should be noted that there are different firmwares for different cpus:

ls /etc/pilight/
config.json          pilight_firmware_t25_v3.hex  pilight_firmware_t85_v3.hex  pilight_usb_nano.hex
config.json-default  pilight_firmware_t45_v3.hex

A firmware for a '45 wont work on a '25. So it would be good if the page pointed out that you must select the correct firmware for your device.
Any user with a forum login can edit the wiki, so feel free to add this information to the LPF page. That's how a community wiki works after all Wink
Ok that true Smile
So I added some text on the Wiki.
Looks good, thanks! Smile

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