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EV1527 Problem
Hi Guy´s,

im expiriencing a Problem regarding EV1527 protocol contacts or Motion sensors.

pilight is recognizing the protocol and receiving a Signal, no Problem so far.

But once, pilight received a Signal and state has canged from closed to open, it won´t fall back to closed again.

The only way to do this is stopping pilight and changing the state in config.json manually => then it works for one time again.

Any Ideas?

Thanks, Alex
This device only send one state. You need to reset it through a rule.
Hi Curlymo,

I´ve tried several ways but nothing worked out well.

Could you paste some Code or a hint?

Since i´m planning to install several devices, what is the smartest way to do this? Is it possible to write a protocoll based rule or do I have to write a rule for each device?

Something like
... AND switch DEVICE Motion TO opened AFTER 10 SECOND
is not working. Not influencing Motion.state.

Any Ideas?
Can you post the full configuration of the devices involved ("devices" and "rules" sections of config.json)?
        "devices": {
                "Bewegungsmelder": {
                        "protocol": [ "ev1527" ],
                        "id": [{
                                "unitcode": 380807
                        "state": "closed"
                "Bewegung": {
                        "protocol": [ "generic_label" ],
                        "id": [{
                                "id": 201
                        "label": "Ruhe",
                        "color": "black"
        "rules": {
                   "messaging-alarm": {
                        "rule": "IF Bewegungsmelder.state IS closed AND watchdog.state IS on THEN pushover TITLE Ferienhaus MESSAGE EINBRUCH FERIENHAUS TOKEN xxx USER yyy",
                        "active": 1
                  "Label_Bewegung": {
                        "rule": "IF Bewegungsmelder.state IS closed THEN label DEVICE Bewegung TO Bewegung FOR 10 SECOND AND switch DEVICE Bewegungsmelder TO opened AFTER 2 SECOND",
                        "active": 1
        "gui": {
                 "Bewegung": {
                        "name": "Bewegungsmelder",
                        "group": [ "Alarmgeber" ],
                        "media": [ "all" ]
Anything Newton this?

The last few weeks I used the elro 400 protocol, wich worked Fine.
One of the last updates changed something and elro 400 is no longer useable...

I found no way to switch the device back from closed to opened.

Any ideas?

Config is unchanged.

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