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pilight, Raspberry Pi and sensors for sale
Hi, since I don't really have much time these days I decided to sell my personal collection of hardware - rapsberry pi, pilight interface, various sensors and additional elements like IR transmitters, temperature and humidity sensor and NooElec USB (Software Defined Radio - good for debugging etc.) I purchased it a while ago but never had time to actually properly set it up and use it so I though someone here may find it useful. I haven't used it in a while and lost the SD card for RPi so you would need it install the system etc. I did initial testing and pilight was receiving data from sensors. As far as I'm aware it is all functional but it's been a while so selling as is.
The kit includes:

- Raspberry Pi Model B+ with case (no SD card)
- Wifi USB dongle for Raspberry Pi
- EU and UK power supply
- pilight Interface (assembled with filter and transmitters)
- 2 x PIR Movement Detector
- 3 x Open Detector
- 1 x Shock Sensor
- Separate IR transmitter and blaster
- Separate DHT22 temperature and humidity sensor
- Garage Door Remote (not sure if I ever tested it with pilight)
- NooElec SDR USB with antenna

More photos on Dropbox here

Price with postage within EU: 100 EUR

Any questions send me a pm.

[Image: IMG_7407.jpg?dl=1]

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