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pilight without LAN/WLAN on Raspberry Pi
after configuration of pilight on a headless Raspberry Pi Zero via WLAN I want to run the actual application without any network connection.
Is that possible?
Maybe some kind of configuration?
Sure it's possible, the 433 MHz sending will still work. However, lots of features will be unavailable, such as the webgui, the socket API, any network related protocols (such as weather services), and the SSDP adhoc network. If you don't need any of these, you should be fine.
You mentioned 433 MHz sending is still possible, but what about receiving? Without a network connection my motion detector will not be received.
I do not need any network related functions.
You do need to configure a network and the loopback adaptor (typically, otherwise pilight won't start

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Hopefully I'm able to configure this loopback adapter. But I'll give it a try.
Thanks for your support meanwhile.
Unfortunately I was not able to run pilight without a network connection after making all the changes which are recomended in the pilight manual in the section "Fixing SSDP connection issues".
Is that the part which also establishes the loopback adapter which you mentioned?
The error message in pilight.log is: ERROR: cannot bind to the ssdp multicast network.
For some reason pilight keeps running when I start without a network.
Also the incomming events from the moving sensor will be recognized. But the expected actions - starting a program- will not be executed.
The only change in config.json is taking out every network reference in the settings section (webserver=0, standalone=1)
Here is pilight.log:
[Apr 19 17:46:53:160928] pilight-daemon: INFO: rule #1 BWMEin was parsed in 0.000740 seconds
[Apr 19 17:46:53:161677] pilight-daemon: INFO: rule #2 BWMAus was parsed in 0.000638 seconds
[Apr 19 17:46:53:165080] pilight-daemon: INFO: version v7.0
[Apr 19 17:46:53:166131] pilight-daemon: INFO: daemon listening to port: 42862
[Apr 19 17:46:53:239718] pilight-daemon: INFO: new client, ip:, port: 38100
[Apr 19 17:46:53:379212] pilight-daemon: NOTICE: no pilight ssdp connections found
[Apr 19 17:46:53:380539] pilight-daemon: INFO: new client, ip:, port: 38102
[Apr 19 17:47:12:577599] pilight-daemon: INFO: executed rule: BWMEin
[Apr 19 17:47:12:584738] pilight-daemon: INFO: started "switch" action for device "Program1"
[Apr 19 17:47:12:587101] pilight-daemon: INFO: stopped "switch" action for device "Program1"
[Apr 19 17:47:17:693157] pilight-daemon: INFO: executed rule: BWMAus
[Apr 19 17:47:17:701058] pilight-daemon: INFO: started "switch" action for device "Program0"
[Apr 19 17:47:17:703517] pilight-daemon: INFO: stopped "switch" action for device "Program0"
[Apr 19 17:47:41:517157] pilight-daemon: INFO: removed stale pid_file /var/run/pilight.pid
And this is my config.json:
    "devices": {
        "BWM3": {
            "protocol": [ "elro_400_switch" ],
            "id": [{
                "systemcode": 21,
                "unitcode": 13
            "state": "off"
        "buzzer": {
            "protocol": [ "relay" ],
            "id": [{
                "gpio": 13
            "state": "on",
            "default-state": "on"
        "Program0": {
            "protocol": [ "program" ],
            "id": [{
                "name": "test0"
            "program": "/bin/bash",
            "arguments": "/home/pi/gpio0.sh",
            "stop-command": "kill $(prep gpio0.sh)",
            "start-command": "/home/pi/gpio0.sh &",
            "state": "stopped",
            "pid": 0
        "Program1": {
            "protocol": [ "program" ],
            "id": [{
                "name": "test1"
            "program": "/bin/bash",
            "arguments": "/home/pi/gpio1.sh",
            "stop-command": "kill $(prep gpio1.sh)",
            "start-command": "/home/pi/gpio1.sh &",
            "state": "stopped",
            "pid": 0
    "rules": {
        "BWMEin": {
            "rule": "IF BWM3.state IS on THEN switch DEVICE Program1 TO running",
            "active": 1
        "BWMAus": {
            "rule": "IF BWM3.state IS off THEN switch DEVICE Program0 TO running",
            "active": 1
    "gui": {},
    "settings": {
        "log-level": 6,
        "pid-file": "/var/run/pilight.pid",
        "log-file": "/var/log/pilight.log",
        "standalone": 1,
        "webserver-enable": 0
    "hardware": {
        "433gpio": {
            "sender": 0,
            "receiver": 1
    "registry": {
        "pilight": {
            "firmware": {
                "version": 3,
                "lpf": 80,
                "hpf": 16000
            "version": {
                "current": "7.0"

Well, somebody might think pilight without a network connection makes no sense. But I think the most important thing of pilight is the support of the uge count of sensors.
And recognizing of a sensor does not absolutly requiring a "signal" into a network.
I my case the noise of a buzzer is enough.
may be my last posting was a little bit missunderstanding. So I will give it another try.
I am running pilight without a network connection.
The expected event from the motion detector will be recognized by pilight, which is documented by the log entry "INFO: started "switch" action for device "Program1". But the Program1 does not start, although no error messages is befor the next log entry "INFO: stopped...".
The same happens when I direct the rule to a buzzer device with the relay protocol. The associated GPIO will not switch.
But everything works fine with a network connection.
Can somebodey please help me?

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