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Installing WiringX Python Module on Radxa Rock
Hello all, as the title thread suggests, I am trying to figure out the installation process for the WiringX Python module. So far, all of my dealings with WiringX have been in applications where I was coding in C.

My background is in embedded applications with 8-bit microcontrollers and DSPs, so I have limited embedded Linux knowledge. I am using a Radxa Rock and running Lubuntu. If anybody out there could help me figure out the procedure for installing this module, I would be most appreciative. Thanks so much for your time everyone and have a great day.
Radxa is not supported in pilight due to (previous) crappy support of interrupts. If you are an embedded programmer, i would suggest helping me implementing radxa support in the new wiringX code. This new approach can be found in the wiringX rewrite branch. This new wiringX rewrite code will be used in the pilight rewrite code.
Thanks for the reply, Curly. I currently have some code that utilizes WiringX code (in C) for interrupts and SPI communication with external devices, are you saying that the libraries are no longer supported (as in no longer updated) or that they have never been supported and won't work?

Either way, I'd love to figure out the install process for the python module so I can assess where to go from here (including building my own "WiringX-esque" module for the Radxa). Thanks for your time.
They were never really supported but i'm open to add support again.
I'd love to talk more about making WiringX more compatible with the Radxa if we can somehow exchange contact information. Again, my knowledge of embedded linux is fairly small as my work on embedded systems has predominantly been with systems utilizing DSPs and standalone microcontrollers (anything from an 8-bit AVR to ARM processors), but I am certainly open to contributing what I can.
If you check the wiringX rewrite code you should be familair with the new setup. What wiringX does it very little linux programming. It's all microcontroller stuf. You can check the new approach here:

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