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Elro 800 Shutter
Hi all!

I'm using HomeEasy 889's to control my shutters. They work fine with elro_800_switch protocol. But the shutters can be stopped in motion by pressing the button again. To achieve this in pilight i need a shutter-control with momentary buttons. But there is no elro_800_shutter protocol. I circumvented this by using kaku_screen_old protocol and training the HE889 to this signal.

Shouldn't there be a elro_800_screen protocol. The signals are indentical to the switch but with a shutter instead of switch gui?


pilight 7.0
One more thing in the GUI I just detected:

If I touch a screen-button, it is drawn blue and the other button gets white. But if the screen is activated by a rule, the activated buttton get blue, but the other button will stay blue. So now both buttons are highlighted. Seems like a update problem, because after a manual update of the web-gui everything is fine.

One more question:

What does the double-click of a screen-button mean. After double-click it is blinking unlimited until the web-gui is manually updated.


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