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KAKU ALED-2009/ALED-2709
Hello all,

First of all, I would like to state that I'm just learning the skill of programming by hobby. So, sorry in advance if I'm not providing the info you guys need to solve this problem.

Since a few months, I'm in the possession of a KAKU ALED-2009. The lamp works more or less on the same protocol as the KAKU dimmers. Unfortunately, the "more or less" is the problem. The commands fail on irregular moments. On, off and dim commands seem to be acknowledged by the lamp at one moment, and ignored the next.

Does anybody recognize this problem? And/or has a possible solution?

Thank you in advance and bear with me,

This might be due to a couple of different factors, including the hardware you are using and the environment.

What RF hardware are you using with pilight? Some senders are worse than others at transmitting codes.

Your environment can affect the transmission too. If there are lots of electronic devices in the vicinity of your sender hardware, these will interfere with the signal. The sending range of the sender can also be a problem. Try moving your sender closer to your lights and see if it works better. You could also tinker with putting an antenna on your sender, there's a long forum thread about this on here.

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