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when signal income run script

i am an absolute pilight beginner. just managed to successfully set it up and get it running (both sending and receiving).

but i am stuck. is there a way to trigger a (python) script whenever a certain uuid sends a signal? in this case, this is a wireless doorbell and i am trying to get notified via a custom script whenever somebody rings it.

while i do understand how i can automate sending signals (just put pilight-send -p protocol options in my script), i did not manage to figure out how to constantly wait for a certain incoming signal and then running my script.

(hope i have described this problem in an understandable way. not a native english speaker)

thanks in advance Smile
Have a look at the example pilight clients in the pilight repo here: https://github.com/pilight/pilight/tree/master/clients. The python example is written in python2, but the code is similar for python 3.

The relevant section is this one: https://github.com/pilight/pilight/blob/...py#L73-L80. In this part, the script enters an infinite loop and receives packets from the pilight daemon. These are then split into individual messages, which are then printed.
Instead of printing, you need to `json.loads()` the decoded data and check the returned dict for the id of your device.

See also the pilight documentation of the API, to avoid having hacks like calling "pilight-send -blabla" from scripts if there is a better solution: https://manual.pilight.org/en/api

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