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pilight nightly does not start up, no log entries
Hello all,
i have pilight nightly runing on a Pi3 with the lates raspian/firmware. Since a few days pilight does not start anymore. I think it was after the uptate to the latest nightly build.

My problem is, i can find any entries in the logs, neither in the pilight log, nor in the error or message log.
pi@HomePi:~ $ sudo service pilight start
pi@HomePi:~ $ ps ax | grep pilight
1207 pts/0    S+     0:00 grep --color=auto pilight
pi@HomePi:~ $

pi@HomePi:~ $ tail /var/log/pilight.log
pi@HomePi:~ $ tail /var/log/pilight.err
pi@HomePi:~ $

So i have no idea, where i can search fr the issue. Has anyone a hint for me for further error diagnostic?

Best Regards
Thomas Pfaffinger

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What happens if you try to run pilight in debugmode (pilight-daemon -D)?
(06-03-2017, 01:25 PM)Niek Wrote: What happens if you try to run pilight in debugmode (pilight-daemon -D)?

Hello Niek,
thanks for the Hint. I think i have identified the problem: pilight-deamon will not be found on the system.

I have reinstalled pilight (purged all packages, aptitude clean & cleanup, reboot, update and then install it again) but the pilight deamon will not be found on the system.

How can i install him?

Thomas Pfaffinger
The pilight executables should be in /usr/local/sbin/

pi@RASPI2 ~ $ ls /usr/local/sbin
pilight-daemon  pilight-debug  pilight-flash  pilight-raw
pi@RASPI2 ~ $

If they aren't there, pilight apparently was not properly installed. Assuming that the installation package is complete, I think errors must have been displayed during the installation.

Btw. Over the years, I had several issues with programs due to corrupted SD cards, so it may be a good idea to check your card for errors.
Hello All,

i found a "solution" for my problem. the first problem was, that /usr/local/sbin was write protected, also for root. I dont know why.

After i have solved this issue, i got he message, that the wiring platform was not supportes (or such things, dont know the exact wording)

I rolled back to pilight stable, and this problem was solved. But now i have the same problem as before. pilight cannot send me a mail, as i have no mailaddress as username and a "-" in my mailaddress.

So i hope, the nightly with the solved mail issue will be provided soon as the next stable version.

Best Regards
Thomas Pfaffinger

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