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config, device uuid <-> id
Hi there,

I connected my Alecto WS-1700 to my pilight installation, using the given configuration:

this does work without a problem for me Smile

As the id of the weather station's sensor does change after one disconnects the batteries, one would have to change that ID within config.json in order to have pilight working with it again.

As the UUID does not change on battery change, using this one seems to be a way better solution to me Tongue

So i tried to use the UUID of that sensor instead.
e.g. like this:
        "uuid": [{
            "uuid": "0000-3a-54-fb-30e954"
        "uuid": "0000-3a-54-fb-30e954",

sadly none of these versions did work out for me Crying
Is it possible to use the UUID of a device instead of it's ID?
If so, what am i doing wrong? Big Grin

Thanks & BR
The UUID refers to a specific pilight node, such as a raspberry pi or other computer running pilight on it, and not a device. See the pilight manual about UUIDs for more details about UUIDs and their use.

The ID of some weather sensors changes with every battery change, and all you can do is update your config with the new ID with the help of pilight-receive after every battery change Smile
Quote:The UUID refers to a specific pilight node ....

Big Grin

Ok, thanks for that clarification.
Eventough i know the pilight nodes do have their UUIDs, i was not aware, it 's being published like that Smile

Which is why i hoped the UUID would be the sensors one .....

In that case, i stick to updating my config.json ... . Wink
Sorry to post in this old topic, but has this meanwhile changed? 
Would be great to have a unique identifier for remote sensors that doesn't change when batteries are changed. I have multiple of these sending updates via pilight, and so have my neighbors. Had even the situation that two of them were using the same ID...

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