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SD 401 - OCSM GmbH Funksteckdosen-Set (aka micro-electric AS 73?) - Working

I found a 'SD 401' switch from a company called 'OCSM GmbH' and I wanted to get it working wt pilight. Sadly, I do not have the sender for this.

Here it is:

.jpg   SD401_01.JPG (Size: 18.81 KB / Downloads: 9)

.jpg   SD401_02.JPG (Size: 46.61 KB / Downloads: 7)

It looks like this one:
me micro-electric AS 73

I opted for the intertechno_switch/_old protocol and tried to find out, how to to calculate id and unit for the dip-switch settings - to no avail Crying

As a last resort, I summoned the powers of brute-force. I plugged in the switch (with a turned-on fan connected), and on the shell of my mighty linux-box, I then casted this powerful spell:

for u in $(seq 0 15); do for i in $(seq 0 31); do sleep 0.5; echo "id:"$i " unit:"$u ;  pilight-send -p intertechno_old -i $i -u $u -t ; done; done

The code runs for ~5 mins in worst-case and you should be aware, that it might switch on your neighbors switches/tvs/electric-can-openers as well!

After a while, Bazinga!!! id:27 unit:14 switched it on!

pilight-send -p intertechno_old -i 27 -u 14 -t;   # dip: 1000001000

After some fiddling around with the dips'n'bits, I came to the following conclusion:

Ignoring 'System-Code' and 'Empfänger' on the label,
Dip 1-4 encode the unit like this:

dip 1-4  unit
  0000 = 15
  1000 = 14
  0100 = 13
  1011 = 2
  0111 = 11000
  1111 = 0

and Dip 5-9 encode the ID like this:
dip 5-9   id
  00000 = 31
  10000 = 30
  01000 = 29
  11000 = 28
  00100 = 27
  10100 = 26
  10111 = 2
  01111 = 1
  11111 = 0

Dip 10 has to stay off.

So, to calc ID and Unit, take the dip-switches as bits, then reverse and negate, ignore dip10.

I think, the dip-switch block on this one has been mounted reversely !?!

BTW: This kinda brute-force-ing might get you going with other switches as well.
You could even iterate over some selected protocols. Whe doing so, you should consider decreasing the signal-power or taking other means to limit the reach in order to not switch everybody and his dog's things on and off Smile

Information, Code and Images used in this post are free for everyone and may be used under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation.

Happy Home-Automating!
If you're not writing code the pilight forum reactions are just public domain information.

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