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[Solved] Error messages in rules after update
when i use the nightly builds after version 202, i get a rules-error when starting the pilight-daemon.
[Sep 01 08:05:38:499391] pilight-daemon: ERROR: rule #1 invalid: operator "IS" does not exist
[Sep 01 08:05:38:499960] pilight-daemon: INFO: rule #1 was parsed until: ... PIR1.state IS off THEN label DEVICE LabelPIR1 TO Bewegung erfasst
[Sep 01 08:05:38:500137] pilight-daemon: INFO: rule #1 RulePIR1a was parsed in 0.000484 seconds

i use the same config-file as for 202, but every version after 202 did not work. it seems that something change in the rule syntax. the error always accours in the first rule of the config-file. when i changing the rule order, nothing change, the first rule is "wrong".
Try to use "==" instead of "IS"

thank you for this hint, put this page to my favorits.
now i can use the new versions.

hope that the development continues and some of my door-contacts works in future like in the "old" stable version of pilight.
thank you for your work and time :-)

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