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[Solved] dimmer protocol kaku_dimmer does not react on dimmervalue
manually compiled version bbc388b on jessie (stretch coming soon).
this fixed the dimmer value issue for me.
so the protocol problem seems to be solved.

although the problem described in this thread does still exist, great job.

bbc388b is one comfortable step further... Smile

do you still need dimmer codes from an original remote?
Intertechno support was not very helpful so far regarding this...

Upto now I never built c-code from GIT before, so this was a nice exercise ;-)
  1. Executed ./setup.sh as my regular (non-root) user and stopped it after the dialog config. (to confine executables in this directory)
  2. Created pilight/build directory
  3. Did the [cd build;.. cmake] trick (had to install couple of missing build-dependencies)
  4. make (hey that 's what I remember from 10 years ago ;-) )
  5. Wait until compilation ended.
  6. sudo systemctl stop pilight
  7. sudo ./pilight-daemon -V
    pilight-daemon version v7.0-233-gbbc388b1
  8. sudo ./pilight-daemon
  9. Kakus are dimming to set levels again, Yay !!
Sorry for the exhausive compilation log, but its been a while since I did that kind of stuff.

Anyway dimming seems to work again, should be in the nightly tomorrow for a proper package installation, right?
Thanx a lot curlymo

Package will be available tomorrow.
What exactly was your cmake trick?
And why you stopped and did not use setup.sh for make and install?
I compiled yesterday and tested with using the setup script only.
It all went well without calling make on my own.
I wanted to contain any binaries from my own complation attempt to "at least" my user directory (leave out the sudo helps to achieve this), and preferrably further contained to my local clone of curlymo's pilight-development source. (19 years of Linux experience says: keep your own experiments as far as possible from the dpkg-managed system stuff Wink )

Hence I studied the setup.sh a little bit and guessed the cmake step would configure stuff sufficiently for a make of binaries "somewhere" (the build directory).
  1. cd build
  2. cmake ..
  3. make (without "install")
Fortunately, running the daemon from there (~/src/pilight/build/) was sufficient to confirm the return of succesful, parametrised dimming. (Good thing it also finds /etc/pilight/config.json when starting from there.)
Great. Good to know. Thanx for explanation

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