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[Solved] Rules switching state based on another device state not working
After update to rewrite backports my rule for state-connected devices do not work anymore.
I have the following rule switching a device based on the state of another:

"group-decolight": {
            "rule": "IF light_deco_mirror_livingroom.state == on OR light_deco_mirror_livingroom.state == off THEN switch DEVICE light_deco_window_diningroom TO light_deco_mirror_livingroom.state",
            "active": 1

The webgui does reflect this rule.
If I switch light_deco_mirror_livingroom the button state for light_deco_window_diningroom corresponds and change correctly.
But the reciever does nothing meaning it's not responding to the code.
If I switch the devices manually on after another without the rule then it's working (meaning first I switch light_deco_window_diningroom and after that light_deco_mirror_livingroom to overcome the rule in the first place).

I have the same issue switching these devices based on a sunset and sunrise rule. The light does not react anymore on these rules.

Any idea what could cause this?

My config is attached..

Attached Files
.txt   config.txt (Size: 5.79 KB / Downloads: 8)
What pilight version?
This should probably be solved in the new nightlies, but i have to fix a segfault first as i've read.
Issue still present in latest nightly 7.0-230 and probably related to this thread
So what you describe is just working, because the webGUI does reflect the correct state of light_deco_window_diningroom based on light_deco_mirror_livingroom? The only thing that doesn't work is that not both lights are switching off or on?

I do actively check for this functionality in the rewrite code:

Anyway, the workaround described in this Thread seems to be a possible solution

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