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[Fixed] Fast sending codes in a row not working
I'm using latest nightly 7.0-230.
There seems to be an issue sending codes for multiple devices too fast one after another.
I realized this by using a group command via amazon Echo and HUE bridge emulator which is connected to pilight.
I can also reproduce this behavior by manually fast switching of devices via pilight-webgui so the issue seems not to be related to Echo or HUE bridge. The codes sent were recognized by one or no, but never all devices in the group.
This could be related to the issues disscussed in this thread and this thread as this was working fine in previous versions and seems to happen if a device with kaku_dimmer is involved.
I tested this with different intertechno dimmer and switches.
How fast is fast?
As fast as my finger can tap my phones touch :-)
I would say half a second or something.
Switching one after another in normal speed is working fine and reliable.
As I said, I stumbled over this issue when my Echo group command is not switching all related devices anymore.
Doing this "slowly" by hand (Echo or GUI) does work without any problems.
I can confirm this.

some of my rules do not Switch in the real world, althougt the state in Webgui has changed. As if there were no RF sent out.
If i manually take a socket and switch it to on and off repeatly by Webgui, it gets stuck after the 4th cycle.

As mentioned before: were there changes in RAW-Code lenght or Repeats?

But, to be honest: Version .230 with UUID sending is as good as never before, solved many of my Problems... If we get a reliable RF sending, everything will be near perfect;-)
IMHO this is one problem with the receiving device, unable to handle the request.

pilight serializes the transmission but does not artificially adds a delay between transmission requests.

I will not rule out that there is a deadlock condition whenever requests start queuing up, due to the fact that protocols are requesting retransmission on thr RF layer 10 times, in my opinion a value of 4 is sufficient.

@Alex what do you mean ".. Gets stuck after the 4th request .."

send from tapatalk
To be sure we should check with a scope (which i don't have) to see if the rewrite backported 433gpio hardware module is currently slower then replaced one.
Could it be than a may be temporary solution to add a delay between transmission requests? Was this kind of delay implemented in earlier versions and now being removed?
May be this explains that this worked until version 6e03cdd?
@ wo_rasp:

I Switch a Lamp via Webgui on-off-on-off... each cycle 1-1,5 seconds.

It works three to four times, then there is a delay of two to three Switch sequences with nothing happened and after that, it works again.
I can reproduce the problem described in this thread:

BUT, for what i see, pilight now works too well. Meaning that pilight sends codes too fast and there none of the switches actually switch or sometimes switch. The best practice for a long time is to delay the subsequent switching of multiple devices:

IF device1.state == on OR device1.state == off THEN switch DEVICE leeslamp TO device2.state AFTER 1 SECOND

In all my tests, the latter works fine.
I can confirm, the workaround with setting up a 1 second delay solved the issue for me

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