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[Solved] Webgui not working in IE

I had to reinstall my rasperry, having now Rasbian Stretch. The switch to the new version 7.0.214 worked fine after adding 'gpio-platform': 'raspberrypi3' and changing IS to == in the rules. I have the following issues:

The webgui ist not correctly displayed in a current IE 11.0.9600.18762 (see HC.PNG), Chrom and Firefox work fine

Double-Tapping in the webgui to switch between tab and list-mode leads to an error when setting the variable in the settings-section and pilight stops working

Rules which switch multiple physical devices with one generic switch do not work, but there seems to be an another thread related to that Problem


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Have tried clearing your cache? Also, upgrading to the latest version is possible again.
Hi curlymo!

Thanks for your fast reply.

I have now updated to 7.0.230, corrected an error of my setting pointing to the old webgui-location and cleared the cache of my IE.

But nothing changed:

IE is still showing all fields, but it seems the css is not working, as shown in my last HC.

the double-tap error ist still here:
[Sep 07 09:26:12:997379] pilight-daemon: ERROR: could not parse response to: {"action":"registry","type":"set","key":"webgui.tabs","value":0}

And the switching of multiple devices only changes the gui, but does not switch the device:
        "DieleAn": {
            "rule": "IF Diele.state == on THEN switch DEVICE SteckdoseRund1 AND SteckdoseRund2 TO on",
            "active": 1
        "DieleAus": {
            "rule": "IF Diele.state == off THEN switch DEVICE SteckdoseRund1 AND SteckdoseRund2 TO off",
            "active": 1

Please do not post multiple bugs in the same topic.

Webserver issue in IE should be fixed.
@Ulrich.Arnold your post
Quote:switching of multiple devices
seems to be a possible duplicate. Take a look at this thread.

By the way: How exactly did you configure this Double-Tapping feature in the webgui to switch between tab and list-mode? What kind of settings variable is used for that?
This is done if you double tap on a free area in the webgui. The actual state is the written to the settings section in the config. In the rewrite this leads to an error.
Ah ok, didn't realize this as my iOS device don't give me much of free area to tap on. To be honest switching the GUI by finding and tapping a free area seems to be hard when it comes to responsive designed fluid websites and jquery mobile.
But good to know that this exists and theoretically can be used Smile
Hi curlymo!

I've just updated to 7.0-233 and the gui on IE works fine again. The thread can be marked as closed .Smile

Thanks Uli

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