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[Solved] callback not executing when dns lookup fails
I installed the current development version (so using the new http library).

pilight-daemon version b3b0941

I noticed that the callback of an http_get_content call does not (always) execute if an error occurs. Possibly this applies to http_post_content too, but I did not check.

I verified this behaviour by making a deliberate mistake in the url in wunderground.c. After that, I could see an errrormessage:
[ Oct 07 10:26:57:39252] pilight-daemon: NOTICE: getaddrinfo: api.wundergroundx.com, Name or service not known
The callback should then receive a non 200 code and log a notice "could not reach api.wundergroundx.com", but the callback is not being executed at all.
Should be fixed. Thanks for reporting. Will backport when travis succeeds.

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