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[Solved] config.json not updated
With the development version

pilight-daemon version b3b0941

after stopping the pilight service the config file does not reflect any of the status changes. I can see that the file is rewritten (modification timestamp is equal to the time of stopping the service), but the values it contains are those when the service was started.

In addition: the internal config as shown by <pilight url and port>/config are always correct (ie showing all values that have changed)
Good catch. Also solved.
Which version has implemented the fix of not updating the config.json?
In version v8.0.4 which I‘m using the behavior of not saving state changes to the config file on service stopping is still there.
Is should be in stable:

Can you describe your actions triggering the issue?
I did a quick test by looking at the state setting of one device in config.json via terminal.
The initial device state was OFF.
Then following these steps:
  1. Trigger the device to set the real state to ON
  2. Stop pilight service
  3. Checking config.json via terminal: Device state has not changed to ON
  4. Start pilight service
  5. Checking webgui: All devices are in the initial state and do not reflecting the real changed states
  6. Again trigger a device
  7. Checking webgui: State change is being reflected correctly
  8. Stop pilight service
  9. Checking config.json via terminal: Device state has not changed to the last webgui state
  10. Start pilight service
  11. Checking webgui: All states are again in their initial states not showing the latest changes
So as far as I understand this, the config.json is not being written back with actual device states on stopping the service.
I will investigate this again.
Confirmed. Should be fixed with this commit:

I will port to stable as soon as the mail bugs have been squashed.

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