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OpenWeatherMap sunrise/sunset
hi there,

i am using the OpenWeatherMap protocol / API and experiencing that the sunrise/sunset values always exactly differ by 2 hours to my local time (CEST), e.g.
show 5.58/ 16.15 instead of correct values of 7.58 / 18.15 for sunrise/sunset respectively.

temperature and humidity work fine and are correct.

config as below, using nightly builds.

can someone help?

"outside": {
                        "protocol": [ "openweathermap" ],
                        "id": [{
                                "country": "de",
                                "location": "k......."
                        "humidity": 99.99,
                        "temperature": 99.99,
                        "sunrise": 5.55,
                        "sunset": 16.18,
                        "sun": "set",
                        "update": 0
ok, understood. so i can change this when accessing the API directly.
but how can i fix this when using pilight?
My point is that openweathermap doesn't post sunrise/set times in local timezone but in UTC. If you want local timezone sunrise/set times, use the sunriseset protocol.
got your point.
just wondering what is the point of the OpenWeatherMap protocol incl. displaying the sunrise/sunset values, when it is not showing the local time in the pilight WebGUI?
The point is supporting the openweathermap api. What people do with it is up to them. If it where just me, i would only support KaKu devices, because that's the only ones i'm using myself.

it seems something has changed, but still look strange:
  • sun rise and set values are now correct (in CEST) in the config
  • values in the Web GUI differ by 1 hour w.r.t to the shown values in the config (CEST - 1 hour)

is there an issue with daylight saving time?

        "devices": {
                "outside": {
                        "protocol": [ "openweathermap" ],
                        "id": [{
                                "country": "de",
                                "location": "..."
                        "humidity": 93.00,
                        "temperature": 5.65,
                        "sunrise": 7.40,
                        "sunset": 16.35,
                        "sun": "set",
                        "update": 1
What does the config page say of the webgui?
sorry, false alarm w.r.t. to the config file. i.e. in the config file the values are statis and do not change.

in the WebGUI and the WebGUI config the values are identical. i.e. offset by 1 hour to the actual time.
The pilight config is only updated when you stop pilight to prevent useless disk writes.

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