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[solved] First install of pilight
Hello community!

First i have to say, that my englisch isnt't that good so please be gentle to me Smile

Im trying now since 4 days to install pilight on my Raspberry PI 3. I used different Kernel & pilight versions now. Tried so many ways and different tutorials but without any function.

I use these transmitter and receiver..

On my PI 2 all works fine (it's included in FHEM to control my Home automatisation).

Can someone help me please? I haven't any idea anymore.

(11-01-2017, 06:31 PM)Zentia Wrote: but without any function.

What does this mean? You need to provide a lot more information, there's no way we can know what's wrong from what you've posted Smile

What isn't working, the installation or running pilight?
Use the installation instructions in the pilight manual, and nothing else. These are known to work well. Please post any errors printed in the terminal here in code tags.
First of all replace the receiver
On one of these
Sorry i forgot to tell you the main problem im so sorry.

When i write "pilight-receive" i cant receive any signal.
That either depends on your wiring, or on the fact that you're using a known bad type of receiver. I'd recommend putting a little money into better hardware for your setup. Have a look at the hardware offered in the pilight shop, these are the boards that have been tested and are known to work the best.

if i try to install an older pilight version, ill get this error.
PHP Code:
root@raspberrypi:/home/pi# apt-get install pilight=7.0.248-gb0556b3
Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree
Reading state information
... Done
Some packages could not be installed
This may mean that you have
requested an impossible situation 
or if you are using the unstable
distribution that some required packages have not yet been created
or been moved out of Incoming.
The following information may help to resolve the situation:

The following packages have unmet dependencies:
pilight Dependspilight-webgui (>= 7.7but it is not going to be installed
Unable to correct problemsyou have held broken packages

What i have to do now?
You also need to downgrade pilight-webgui in the same command:

sudo apt-get install pilight=7.0.248-gb0556b3 pilight-webgui=7.7
Ah thanks, that worked fine. But i still cant receive any signal. I got no error line. All seems to be fine. But still no signal from my remote control.

The thing is, that this setup works fine on my PI 2. I know the hardware is bad but it worked on my PI2.

I followed the installation guide step by step. have i edit any config files or so?

EDIT: if i manually send a code with a second putty window, he receive a signal. But why no signal from my remote control?
Can you post your config (found in /etc/pilight/config.json) and the output of running pilight in debug mode:

sudo pilight-daemon -D

And can you double-check your wiring? Sounds like that could be the issue.

The code you're receiving is probably received due to the fact that pilight broadcasts the messages it sends over the socket API too, so you're probably seeing that rather than a message received over your 433MHz hardware. Check the "origin" field of the printed data Smile
here my config.json
PHP Code:
"devices": {},
"rules": {},
"gui": {},
"settings": {
"hardware": {},
"registry": {}

...the output of the daemon debug mode...
PHP Code:
[Nov 04 12:41:39:405549pilight-daemonDEBUGloaded event action /usr/local/pilight/operators/lt.lua v1.0
[Nov 04 12:41:39:406070pilight-daemonDEBUGloaded event action /usr/local/pilight/operators/and.lua v1.0
[Nov 04 12:41:39:406493pilight-daemonDEBUGloaded event action /usr/local/pilight/operators/ge.lua v1.0
[Nov 04 12:41:39:407051pilight-daemonDEBUGloaded event action /usr/local/pilight/operators/modulus.lua v1.0
[Nov 04 12:41:39:407416pilight-daemonDEBUGloaded event action /usr/local/pilight/operators/or.lua v1.0
[Nov 04 12:41:39:407767pilight-daemonDEBUGloaded event action /usr/local/pilight/operators/ne.lua v1.0
[Nov 04 12:41:39:408237pilight-daemonDEBUGloaded event action /usr/local/pilight/operators/intdivide.lua v1.0
[Nov 04 12:41:39:408643pilight-daemonDEBUGloaded event action /usr/local/pilight/operators/gt.lua v1.0
[Nov 04 12:41:39:408998pilight-daemonDEBUGloaded event action /usr/local/pilight/operators/plus.lua v1.0
[Nov 04 12:41:39:409434pilight-daemonDEBUGloaded event action /usr/local/pilight/operators/le.lua v1.0
[Nov 04 12:41:39:409810pilight-daemonDEBUGloaded event action /usr/local/pilight/operators/minus.lua v1.0
[Nov 04 12:41:39:410164pilight-daemonDEBUGloaded event action /usr/local/pilight/operators/multiply.lua v1.0
[Nov 04 12:41:39:410587pilight-daemonDEBUGloaded event action /usr/local/pilight/operators/divide.lua v1.0
[Nov 04 12:41:39:410955pilight-daemonDEBUGloaded event action /usr/local/pilight/operators/eq.lua v1.0
[Nov 04 12:41:39:412430pilight-daemonINFOversion v7.0-248-gb0556b3
[Nov 04 12:41:39:412679pilight-daemonDEBUGssdp sent search
[Nov 04 12:41:39:515640pilight-daemonINFOno pilight daemon founddaemonizing
[Nov 04 12:41:39:526761pilight-daemonINFOdaemon listening to port44931
[Nov 04 12:41:39:527442pilight-daemonINFOsecured webserver started on port5002 (fd 13)
Nov 04 12:41:39:527575pilight-daemonINFOregular webserver started on port5001 (fd 12)
Nov 04 12:41:39:527755pilight-daemonDEBUG: new thread socket1 thread running
[Nov 04 12:41:39:528080pilight-daemonDEBUG: new thread ssdp2 threads running
[Nov 04 12:41:39:528126pilight-daemonINFO: new clientip127.0.0.1port43574
[Nov 04 12:41:39:528156pilight-daemonDEBUGclient fd14
[Nov 04 12:41:39:528178pilight-daemonDEBUGclient id1
[Nov 04 12:41:39:528257pilight-daemonDEBUG: new thread sender3 threads running
[Nov 04 12:41:39:528509pilight-daemonDEBUG: new thread broadcaster4 threads running
[Nov 04 12:41:39:528596pilight-daemonDEBUG: new thread receive parser5 threads running
[Nov 04 12:41:39:528891pilight-daemonDEBUG: new thread events client6 threads running
[Nov 04 12:41:39:528992pilight-daemonDEBUG: new thread events loop7 threads running
[Nov 04 12:41:39:529056pilight-daemonDEBUGssdp sent search
[Nov 04 12:41:39:529528pilight-daemonDEBUGssdp sent notify
[Nov 04 12:41:39:635802pilight-daemonINFO: new clientip192.168.178.39port35530
[Nov 04 12:41:39:635874pilight-daemonDEBUGclient fd16
[Nov 04 12:41:39:635919pilight-daemonDEBUGclient id2
[Nov 04 12:41:39:635928pilight-daemonDEBUGsocket write succeeded: {"action":"identify","options":{"config":1,"receiver":1},"media":"all"}

Nov 04 12:41:39:636062pilight-daemonDEBUGsocket recv: {"action":"identify","options":{"config":1,"receiver":1},"media":"all"}
Nov 04 12:41:39:636221pilight-daemonDEBUGsocket write succeeded: {"status":"success"
PHP Code:
^C[Nov 04 12:44:42:835448pilight-daemonINFOInterrupt signal receivedPlease wait while pilight is shutting down
[Nov 04 12:44:42:836460pilight-daemonDEBUGgarbage collected event operator library
[Nov 04 12:44:42:836545pilight-daemonDEBUGfreed options struct
[Nov 04 12:44:42:836581pilight-daemonDEBUGfreed options struct
[Nov 04 12:44:42:836637pilight-daemonDEBUGfreed options struct
[Nov 04 12:44:42:836668pilight-daemonDEBUGfreed options struct
[Nov 04 12:44:42:836697pilight-daemonDEBUGfreed options struct
[Nov 04 12:44:42:836727pilight-daemonDEBUGfreed options struct
[Nov 04 12:44:42:836757pilight-daemonDEBUGfreed options struct
[Nov 04 12:44:42:836786pilight-daemonDEBUGgarbage collected event action library
[Nov 04 12:44:42:836827pilight-daemonDEBUGgarbage collected event function library
[Nov 04 12:44:42:836854pilight-daemonDEBUGgarbage collected events library
[Nov 04 12:44:42:838126pilight-daemonINFOremoved stale pid_file /var/run/pilight.pid
[Nov 04 12:44:42:838380pilight-daemonDEBUGgarbage collected sha256cache library
[Nov 04 12:44:42:838422pilight-daemonDEBUGgarbage collected webserver library
[Nov 04 12:44:42:838459pilight-daemonDEBUGgarbage collected datetime library
[Nov 04 12:44:42:838638pilight-daemonDEBUGgarbage collected ssdp library
[Nov 04 12:44:42:838683pilight-daemonDEBUGgarbage collected options library
[Nov 04 12:44:42:838994pilight-daemonDEBUGclient disconnectedip 35587
[Nov 04 12:44:42:839140pilight-daemonDEBUGgarbage collected socket library
[Nov 04 12:44:42:839192pilight-daemonDEBUGgarbage collected config devices library
[Nov 04 12:44:42:839234pilight-daemonDEBUGgarbage collected config rules library
[Nov 04 12:44:42:839269pilight-daemonDEBUGgarbage collected config gui library
[Nov 04 12:44:42:839303pilight-daemonDEBUGgarbage collected config settings library
[Nov 04 12:44:42:839349pilight-daemonDEBUGfreed options struct
[Nov 04 12:44:42:839388pilight-daemonDEBUGfreed options struct
[Nov 04 12:44:42:839423pilight-daemonDEBUGfreed options struct
[Nov 04 12:44:42:839455pilight-daemonDEBUGfreed options struct
[Nov 04 12:44:42:839480pilight-daemonDEBUGgarbage collected config hardware library
[Nov 04 12:44:42:839575pilight-daemonDEBUGgarbage collected config registry library
[Nov 04 12:44:42:839646pilight-daemonDEBUGgarbage collected config library
[Nov 04 12:44:42:839721pilight-daemonDEBUGprotocol ping
[Nov 04 12:44:42:839803pilight-daemonDEBUGstopped protocol threads
[Nov 04 12:44:42:839874pilight-daemonDEBUGfreed options struct
[Nov 04 12:44:42:839939pilight-daemonDEBUGprotocol arping
[Nov 04 12:44:42:840007pilight-daemonDEBUGstopped protocol threads
[Nov 04 12:44:42:840077pilight-daemonDEBUGfreed options struct
[Nov 04 12:44:42:840141pilight-daemonDEBUGprotocol generic_webcam
[Nov 04 12:44:42:840211pilight-daemonDEBUGfreed options struct
[Nov 04 12:44:42:840275pilight-daemonDEBUGprotocol generic_weather
[Nov 04 12:44:42:840349pilight-daemonDEBUGfreed options struct
[Nov 04 12:44:42:840414pilight-daemonDEBUGprotocol generic_switch
[Nov 04 12:44:42:840484pilight-daemonDEBUGfreed options struct
[Nov 04 12:44:42:840551pilight-daemonDEBUGprotocol generic_screen
[Nov 04 12:44:42:840622pilight-daemonDEBUGfreed options struct
[Nov 04 12:44:42:840687pilight-daemonDEBUGprotocol generic_label
[Nov 04 12:44:42:840754pilight-daemonDEBUGfreed options struct
[Nov 04 12:44:42:840818pilight-daemonDEBUGprotocol generic_dimmer
[Nov 04 12:44:42:840890pilight-daemonDEBUGfreed options struct
[Nov 04 12:44:42:840954pilight-daemonDEBUGprotocol raw
[Nov 04 12:44:42:841020pilight-daemonDEBUGfreed options struct
[Nov 04 12:44:42:841083pilight-daemonDEBUGprotocol pilight_firmware
[Nov 04 12:44:42:841151pilight-daemonDEBUGfreed options struct
[Nov 04 12:44:42:841215pilight-daemonDEBUGprotocol pilight_firmware
[Nov 04 12:44:42:841283pilight-daemonDEBUGfreed options struct
[Nov 04 12:44:42:841348pilight-daemonDEBUGprotocol relay
[Nov 04 12:44:42:841411pilight-daemonDEBUGran garbage collector
[Nov 04 12:44:42:841482pilight-daemonDEBUGfreed options struct
[Nov 04 12:44:42:841547pilight-daemonDEBUGprotocol lm76
[Nov 04 12:44:42:841616pilight-daemonDEBUGstopped protocol threads
[Nov 04 12:44:42:841686pilight-daemonDEBUGfreed options struct
[Nov 04 12:44:42:841752pilight-daemonDEBUGprotocol lm75
[Nov 04 12:44:42:841820pilight-daemonDEBUGstopped protocol threads
[Nov 04 12:44:42:841890pilight-daemonDEBUGfreed options struct
[Nov 04 12:44:42:841955pilight-daemonDEBUGprotocol gpio_switch
[Nov 04 12:44:42:842022pilight-daemonDEBUGstopped protocol threads
[Nov 04 12:44:42:842090pilight-daemonDEBUGfreed options struct
[Nov 04 12:44:42:842154pilight-daemonDEBUGprotocol ds18s20
[Nov 04 12:44:42:842223pilight-daemonDEBUGstopped protocol threads
[Nov 04 12:44:42:842292pilight-daemonDEBUGfreed options struct
[Nov 04 12:44:42:842356pilight-daemonDEBUGprotocol ds18b20
[Nov 04 12:44:42:842424pilight-daemonDEBUGstopped protocol threads
[Nov 04 12:44:42:842494pilight-daemonDEBUGfreed options struct
[Nov 04 12:44:42:842558pilight-daemonDEBUGprotocol dht22
[Nov 04 12:44:42:842626pilight-daemonDEBUGstopped protocol threads
[Nov 04 12:44:42:842700pilight-daemonDEBUGfreed options struct
[Nov 04 12:44:42:842766pilight-daemonDEBUGprotocol dht11
[Nov 04 12:44:42:842835pilight-daemonDEBUGstopped protocol threads
[Nov 04 12:44:42:842933pilight-daemonDEBUGfreed options struct
[Nov 04 12:44:42:843000pilight-daemonDEBUGprotocol bmp180
[Nov 04 12:44:42:843069pilight-daemonDEBUGstopped protocol threads
[Nov 04 12:44:42:843146pilight-daemonDEBUGfreed options struct
[Nov 04 12:44:42:843211pilight-daemonDEBUGprotocol xbmc
[Nov 04 12:44:42:843278pilight-daemonDEBUGstopped protocol threads
[Nov 04 12:44:42:843347pilight-daemonDEBUGfreed options struct
[Nov 04 12:44:42:843412pilight-daemonDEBUGprotocol wunderground
[Nov 04 12:44:42:843476pilight-daemonDEBUGstopped protocol threads
[Nov 04 12:44:42:843558pilight-daemonDEBUGfreed options struct
[Nov 04 12:44:42:843622pilight-daemonDEBUGprotocol sunriseset
[Nov 04 12:44:42:843686pilight-daemonDEBUGstopped protocol threads
[Nov 04 12:44:42:843757pilight-daemonDEBUGfreed options struct
[Nov 04 12:44:42:843822pilight-daemonDEBUGprotocol program
[Nov 04 12:44:42:843913pilight-daemonDEBUGstopped protocol threads
[Nov 04 12:44:42:843989pilight-daemonDEBUGfreed options struct
[Nov 04 12:44:42:844053pilight-daemonDEBUGprotocol openweathermap
[Nov 04 12:44:42:844118pilight-daemonDEBUGstopped protocol threads
[Nov 04 12:44:42:844197pilight-daemonDEBUGfreed options struct
[Nov 04 12:44:42:844260pilight-daemonDEBUGprotocol lirc
[Nov 04 12:44:42:844328pilight-daemonDEBUGstopped protocol threads
[Nov 04 12:44:42:844395pilight-daemonDEBUGfreed options struct
[Nov 04 12:44:42:844459pilight-daemonDEBUGprotocol datetime
[Nov 04 12:44:42:844522pilight-daemonDEBUGstopped protocol threads
[Nov 04 12:44:42:844586pilight-daemonDEBUGran garbage collector
[Nov 04 12:44:42:844659pilight-daemonDEBUGfreed options struct
[Nov 04 12:44:42:844722pilight-daemonDEBUGprotocol cpu_temp
[Nov 04 12:44:42:844787pilight-daemonDEBUGstopped protocol threads
[Nov 04 12:44:42:844858pilight-daemonDEBUGfreed options struct
[Nov 04 12:44:42:844922pilight-daemonDEBUGprotocol x10
[Nov 04 12:44:42:844998pilight-daemonDEBUGfreed options struct
[Nov 04 12:44:42:845065pilight-daemonDEBUGprotocol tfa30
[Nov 04 12:44:42:845128pilight-daemonDEBUGran garbage collector
[Nov 04 12:44:42:845201pilight-daemonDEBUGfreed options struct
[Nov 04 12:44:42:845264pilight-daemonDEBUGprotocol tfa
[Nov 04 12:44:42:845327pilight-daemonDEBUGran garbage collector
[Nov 04 12:44:42:845403pilight-daemonDEBUGfreed options struct
[Nov 04 12:44:42:845470pilight-daemonDEBUGprotocol teknihall
[Nov 04 12:44:42:845533pilight-daemonDEBUGran garbage collector
[Nov 04 12:44:42:845681pilight-daemonDEBUGfreed options struct
[Nov 04 12:44:42:845750pilight-daemonDEBUGprotocol techlico_switch
[Nov 04 12:44:42:845821pilight-daemonDEBUGfreed options struct
[Nov 04 12:44:42:845887pilight-daemonDEBUGprotocol tcm
[Nov 04 12:44:42:845951pilight-daemonDEBUGran garbage collector
[Nov 04 12:44:42:846026pilight-daemonDEBUGfreed options struct
[Nov 04 12:44:42:846090pilight-daemonDEBUGprotocol silvercrest
[Nov 04 12:44:42:846159pilight-daemonDEBUGfreed options struct
[Nov 04 12:44:42:846222pilight-daemonDEBUGprotocol selectremote
[Nov 04 12:44:42:846291pilight-daemonDEBUGfreed options struct
[Nov 04 12:44:42:846355pilight-daemonDEBUGprotocol secudo_smoke_sensor
[Nov 04 12:44:42:846422pilight-daemonDEBUGfreed options struct
[Nov 04 12:44:42:846485pilight-daemonDEBUGprotocol sc2262
[Nov 04 12:44:42:846553pilight-daemonDEBUGfreed options struct
[Nov 04 12:44:42:846617pilight-daemonDEBUGprotocol rsl366
[Nov 04 12:44:42:846686pilight-daemonDEBUGfreed options struct
[Nov 04 12:44:42:846751pilight-daemonDEBUGprotocol rev3_switch
[Nov 04 12:44:42:846821pilight-daemonDEBUGfreed options struct
[Nov 04 12:44:42:846884pilight-daemonDEBUGprotocol rev2_switch
[Nov 04 12:44:42:846956pilight-daemonDEBUGfreed options struct
[Nov 04 12:44:42:847020pilight-daemonDEBUGprotocol rev1_switch
[Nov 04 12:44:42:847101pilight-daemonDEBUGfreed options struct
[Nov 04 12:44:42:847167pilight-daemonDEBUGprotocol rc101
[Nov 04 12:44:42:847237pilight-daemonDEBUGfreed options struct
[Nov 04 12:44:42:847303pilight-daemonDEBUGprotocol quigg_screen
[Nov 04 12:44:42:847374pilight-daemonDEBUGfreed options struct
[Nov 04 12:44:42:847437pilight-daemonDEBUGprotocol quigg_gt9000
[Nov 04 12:44:42:847505pilight-daemonDEBUGfreed options struct
[Nov 04 12:44:42:847569pilight-daemonDEBUGprotocol quigg_gt7000
[Nov 04 12:44:42:847641pilight-daemonDEBUGfreed options struct
[Nov 04 12:44:42:847703pilight-daemonDEBUGprotocol quigg_gt1000
[Nov 04 12:44:42:847776pilight-daemonDEBUGfreed options struct
[Nov 04 12:44:42:847840pilight-daemonDEBUGprotocol pollin
[Nov 04 12:44:42:847910pilight-daemonDEBUGfreed options struct
[Nov 04 12:44:42:847974pilight-daemonDEBUGprotocol ninjablocks_weather
[Nov 04 12:44:42:848039pilight-daemonDEBUGran garbage collector
[Nov 04 12:44:42:848110pilight-daemonDEBUGfreed options struct
[Nov 04 12:44:42:848175pilight-daemonDEBUGprotocol mumbi
[Nov 04 12:44:42:848246pilight-daemonDEBUGfreed options struct
[Nov 04 12:44:42:848310pilight-daemonDEBUGprotocol logilink_switch
[Nov 04 12:44:42:848380pilight-daemonDEBUGfreed options struct
[Nov 04 12:44:42:848444pilight-daemonDEBUGprotocol livolo_switch
[Nov 04 12:44:42:848514pilight-daemonDEBUGfreed options struct
[Nov 04 12:44:42:848577pilight-daemonDEBUGprotocol impuls
[Nov 04 12:44:42:848646pilight-daemonDEBUGfreed options struct
[Nov 04 12:44:42:848710pilight-daemonDEBUGprotocol heitech
[Nov 04 12:44:42:848778pilight-daemonDEBUGfreed options struct
[Nov 04 12:44:42:848842pilight-daemonDEBUGprotocol ev1527
[Nov 04 12:44:42:848909pilight-daemonDEBUGfreed options struct
[Nov 04 12:44:42:848972pilight-daemonDEBUGprotocol eurodomest_switch
[Nov 04 12:44:42:849044pilight-daemonDEBUGfreed options struct
[Nov 04 12:44:42:849108pilight-daemonDEBUGprotocol elro_800_switch
[Nov 04 12:44:42:849190pilight-daemonDEBUGfreed options struct
[Nov 04 12:44:42:849259pilight-daemonDEBUGprotocol elro_800_contact
[Nov 04 12:44:42:849329pilight-daemonDEBUGfreed options struct
[Nov 04 12:44:42:849392pilight-daemonDEBUGprotocol elro_400_switch
[Nov 04 12:44:42:849463pilight-daemonDEBUGfreed options struct
[Nov 04 12:44:42:849526pilight-daemonDEBUGprotocol elro_300_switch
[Nov 04 12:44:42:849597pilight-daemonDEBUGfreed options struct
[Nov 04 12:44:42:849662pilight-daemonDEBUGprotocol ehome
[Nov 04 12:44:42:849730pilight-daemonDEBUGfreed options struct
[Nov 04 12:44:42:849793pilight-daemonDEBUGprotocol daycom
[Nov 04 12:44:42:849862pilight-daemonDEBUGfreed options struct
[Nov 04 12:44:42:849926pilight-daemonDEBUGprotocol conrad_rsl_switch
[Nov 04 12:44:42:849998pilight-daemonDEBUGfreed options struct
[Nov 04 12:44:42:850062pilight-daemonDEBUGprotocol conrad_rsl_contact
[Nov 04 12:44:42:850131pilight-daemonDEBUGfreed options struct
[Nov 04 12:44:42:850195pilight-daemonDEBUGprotocol cleverwatts
[Nov 04 12:44:42:850266pilight-daemonDEBUGfreed options struct
[Nov 04 12:44:42:850330pilight-daemonDEBUGprotocol clarus_switch
[Nov 04 12:44:42:850400pilight-daemonDEBUGfreed options struct
[Nov 04 12:44:42:850463pilight-daemonDEBUGprotocol beamish_switch
[Nov 04 12:44:42:850534pilight-daemonDEBUGfreed options struct
[Nov 04 12:44:42:850598pilight-daemonDEBUGprotocol auriol
[Nov 04 12:44:42:850662pilight-daemonDEBUGran garbage collector
[Nov 04 12:44:42:850733pilight-daemonDEBUGfreed options struct
[Nov 04 12:44:42:850796pilight-daemonDEBUGprotocol arctech_switch_old
[Nov 04 12:44:42:850866pilight-daemonDEBUGfreed options struct
[Nov 04 12:44:42:850932pilight-daemonDEBUGprotocol arctech_switch
[Nov 04 12:44:42:851004pilight-daemonDEBUGfreed options struct
[Nov 04 12:44:42:851072pilight-daemonDEBUGprotocol arctech_screen_old
[Nov 04 12:44:42:851142pilight-daemonDEBUGfreed options struct
[Nov 04 12:44:42:851205pilight-daemonDEBUGprotocol arctech_screen
[Nov 04 12:44:42:851277pilight-daemonDEBUGfreed options struct
[Nov 04 12:44:42:851350pilight-daemonDEBUGprotocol arctech_motion
[Nov 04 12:44:42:851422pilight-daemonDEBUGfreed options struct
[Nov 04 12:44:42:851487pilight-daemonDEBUGprotocol arctech_dusk
[Nov 04 12:44:42:851556pilight-daemonDEBUGfreed options struct
[Nov 04 12:44:42:851619pilight-daemonDEBUGprotocol arctech_dimmer
[Nov 04 12:44:42:851693pilight-daemonDEBUGfreed options struct
[Nov 04 12:44:42:851757pilight-daemonDEBUGprotocol arctech_contact
[Nov 04 12:44:42:851827pilight-daemonDEBUGfreed options struct
[Nov 04 12:44:42:851891pilight-daemonDEBUGprotocol alecto_wx500
[Nov 04 12:44:42:851954pilight-daemonDEBUGran garbage collector
[Nov 04 12:44:42:852032pilight-daemonDEBUGfreed options struct
[Nov 04 12:44:42:852101pilight-daemonDEBUGprotocol alecto_wsd17
[Nov 04 12:44:42:852165pilight-daemonDEBUGran garbage collector
[Nov 04 12:44:42:852233pilight-daemonDEBUGfreed options struct
[Nov 04 12:44:42:852297pilight-daemonDEBUGprotocol alecto_ws1700
[Nov 04 12:44:42:852363pilight-daemonDEBUGran garbage collector
[Nov 04 12:44:42:852439pilight-daemonDEBUGfreed options struct
[Nov 04 12:44:42:852505pilight-daemonDEBUGprotocol process
[Nov 04 12:44:42:852571pilight-daemonDEBUGfreed options struct
[Nov 04 12:44:42:852634pilight-daemonDEBUGgarbage collected protocol library
[Nov 04 12:44:42:852711pilight-daemonDEBUGgarbage collected ntp library
[Nov 04 12:44:42:852807pilight-daemonDEBUGstopping socket thread
[Nov 04 12:44:42:852896pilight-daemonDEBUGstopped thread socket6 threads running
[Nov 04 12:44:42:863071pilight-daemonDEBUGstopping ssdp thread
[Nov 04 12:44:42:863154pilight-daemonDEBUGstopped thread ssdp5 threads running
[Nov 04 12:44:42:873293pilight-daemonDEBUGstopping sender thread
[Nov 04 12:44:42:873369pilight-daemonDEBUGstopped thread sender4 threads running
[Nov 04 12:44:42:883514pilight-daemonDEBUGstopping broadcaster thread
[Nov 04 12:44:42:883592pilight-daemonDEBUGstopped thread broadcaster3 threads running
[Nov 04 12:44:42:893740pilight-daemonDEBUGstopping receive parser thread
[Nov 04 12:44:42:893834pilight-daemonDEBUGstopped thread receive parser2 threads running
[Nov 04 12:44:42:903980pilight-daemonDEBUGstopping events client thread
[Nov 04 12:44:42:904159pilight-daemonDEBUGstopped thread events client1 thread running
[Nov 04 12:44:42:914313pilight-daemonDEBUGstopping events loop thread
[Nov 04 12:44:42:914425pilight-daemonDEBUGstopped thread events loop0 threads running
[Nov 04 12:44:42:924615pilight-daemonDEBUGgarbage collected threads library
[Nov 04 12:44:42:924713pilight-daemonDEBUGgarbage collected dso library
garbage collected log library
[Nov 04 12:44:42:926064pilight-daemonDEBUGgarbage collected lua library 

The wiring should be okay. Like is said with an old backup image i can receive signals from the remote control.

Thanks for the help by the way Smile

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