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send-repeats and elro_800_switch
Hi folks,

i'm somewhat new to pilight, but appreciate the great work all you guys did to make this happen!

Currently i'm stumbling upon a problem with sending commands to my elro_800_switch devices. A matching ON or OFF is received by a supported remote (elro_800_contact) and this triggers (configured as rule) a switch action on one or more elro_800_switch devices. As far as i can see (with pilight-receive) the ON or OFF action is sent only once which leads to sometimes switch is turned on, sometimes not:

        "origin": "sender",
        "protocol": "elro_800_switch",
        "message": {
                "systemcode": 21,
                "unitcode": 1,
                "state": "on"
        "repeat": 1,
        "uuid": "0000-b8-27-eb-8519fb"

Digging a little shows that there was a config stanza "send-repeats" handling this before version 7 but i am using version 8 now and that sending repeats is now handled by protocol. But found nothing in the elro_800 code that shows about this.

So is there a workaround to achieve this today?

Thx in advance!

Have you tried other options for the failing sockets like an antenne?
I did, tried the curled one or just a straight antenna, but neither helps.

This happens to Elro and also Brennenstuhl devices so i don't think its a problem of manufacturer.

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