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REST API no systemcode supported
I am installing the ha bridge with pilight and came to an issue, that the rest api does not support systemcode.

I use some logilink switches and when i type in
i get

every protocol with id and unit works but no protocol with system and unit is working.
Isn´t it implemented?
The parameters are called "systemcode" and "unitcode", not "system" and "unit", so your command should be:

On the example in the Manual the example says this:
and this works on systems with unit and id.
Your example does not work... and i still tested this before with
but nothing works.
In none of your examples you've tried systemcode and unitcode
Quote:In none of your examples you've tried systemcode and unitcode
Sorry, naturally i testet the code pilino1234 posted. And it is not working either.
But i came to what i want by switching to run command (pilight-send ...) instead of run html in ha bridge and now everything works fine, because ha bridge and pilight are running on the same pi.

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