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Send via wiringPI receive via LIRC?

would it be possible to send the codes via wiringPI and receive the codes via LIRC?

Sending via LIRC is awfully slow (at least for me it takes 2 seconds or so), but via wiringPI it is almost instantaneous.
On the other hand receiving via wiringPI misses some codes (I do not use the low pass filter), while LIRC works very well (and fast), even without filter.

I tested it by sending codes with my remotes, via the web interface and via command line.


The problem with combining them is that you will loose 4 GPIO pins no matter what. Also the internal logic is different for wiringPi and lirc so it's not that easy to combine. At least not one of my priorities. So i would just advice you to add a low-pass filter and use wiringPi altogether.
I was already thinking something like this. But ok, then I will look into the low-pass filter.

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