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Smartwares switch SH5-RBU-04A and SH5-RBS-04A doesn't work with 8.0.3
Hi all,

this thread is somewhat older but I hope there are still people interested in it.
I've bought a smartwares SH5-RBS-10A switch and are experiencing the same problems: It's detected by pilight as an arctech_switch but none of the arctech_switch protocols is working.
I played around with the raw protocol and working/not working messages and was able to narrow down the issue to one pulse:

The second start pulse in arctech_switch.c is defined as
but for the smartwares switch it should be

This is the only thing in a not working message generated by pilight that I have to change in order to make it work.

As I have no clue how to add a new protocol to pilight, is there someone who can add this?

TIA str
Let us first check if the lower start pulse will work for archtech_switches as well.
i am new at pilight and i am interested too at a solution with the smartwares switch.
I tested kaku-switch and intertechno_switch and also the manual compiled pilight version but no protocol works fine.
As i can see switching "on" always works correct but switching "off" isn't always detected.
The most time i need several tries to switch off the smartware switch.

I am looking forward to get a solution from the pros.

I've build a custom version of pilight with the change I suggested in the previous post made to the arctech_switch.
For me this works fine, I would be happy if someone can test it with other smartwares devices as well as with intertechno and/or kaku switches.
You can get my test version from github and have to build it manually. Follow the instructions in the manual but get the source from here:

git clone --depth 10 -b smartwares_switch https://www.github.com/sreinelt/pilight.git

After building pilight you can test it with (replace the values for -i and -u with the ones used by your switch):

On: pilight-send -p intertechno_switch -i 27853102 -u 1 -t
Off: pilight-send -p intertechno_switch -i 27853102 -u 1 -f

I would be happy to get feedback on this.
Hi str,
i tested it with your code but i have the same problem.
"on" command always works fine, "off" command doesn't work always.

I have 3 switches mounted in my living room.
Unit 1 (nearest to sender) and 2 (middle to sender) always works perfect.
At unit 3 (it's the switch with the longest distance from sender to switch, but it has visible sight -> no walls between) only "on" commands work perfect. "off" command only works sometimes (eg. from 10 trials it works 1).

I also tried to place the sender near the switches. It doesn't bring a better result, same problem.
I have also a remote socket (i switch this with protocol elro_800_switch) next to the same distance of unit number 3 and this always works perfect, therefore i don't think the distance is the problem.

Do you have any other idea?

What type of smartwares switch do you have?
(09-27-2017, 05:55 PM)str Wrote: What type of smartwares switch do you have?

The switches are: SH5-RBS-10A


So it is the same like mine. Strage - mine is now switching on and off without problems.
Have you tried sending the off command with the raw protocol and varying the different pulse type length?

Br, str
(09-27-2017, 07:11 PM)str Wrote: Hi,

So it is the same like mine. Strage - mine is now switching on and off without problems.
Have you tried sending the off command with the raw protocol and varying the different pulse type length?

Br, str

Sorry, i don't know how to send in raw and change the pulse type length.
The suggested patch works fine here. Let's see if we can get both scenario's working in this thread before i update the code.

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