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Smartwares switch SH5-RBU-04A and SH5-RBS-04A doesn't work with 8.0.3
Feel free to do a PR on github with those new protocols.
(05-15-2019, 07:06 PM)curlymo Wrote: Feel free to do a PR on github with those new protocols.

I need some help doing it.

For now i have changed some values in arctech_switch.c and compiled pilight. Its working fine now but i'm not doing a PR because i think those changes will break functionality with other devices, i don't have some so i'm unable to check.

First: Here what i changed for someone who will try it out:
Quote:35: #define PULSE_MULTIPLIER 4 -> #define PULSE_MULTIPLIER 5
38: #define AVG_PULSE_LENGTH 315 -> #define AVG_PULSE_LENGTH 260
129: arctech_switch->raw[1]=(9*AVG_PULSE_LENGTH); -> arctech_switch->raw[1]=(10*AVG_PULSE_LENGTH);
173: arctech_switch->raw[131]=(PULSE_DIV*AVG_PULSE_LENGTH); -> arctech_switch->raw[131]=(40*AVG_PULSE_LENGTH);

i'm thinking about the best way to implement for send and receive.
Is it possible to check which brand was selected? Like
if (selected_brand == "smartwares"){

Another option might be creating a new protocol but in this case receiving will fail as arctech_switch is correctly detecting this pulses because of wide range of accepted pulse length:
#define MAX_PULSE_LENGTH 320
#define MIN_PULSE_LENGTH 250
so this would result in two protocols matching incoming signals and would need some further tuning...

other ideas?

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