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Extend generic protocol
Hi all,
since gs-iwds07 protocol is missing in pilight v. 7,
I sucessfully parsed the received data with python,
and wanted to send data from python to pilight daemon via API.
Unfortunally there is no "generic" protocol which could be used to show
the open/close status & battery status.
Is there any way to reflect this "additional" battery status in the webGUI?
Thanks a lot for your support,
cheers, Mike. Smile
Was the protocol never included or removed? Can't check right now.
Hi, as far as I know this protocol is not released yet,
and I don't know whether this will happen in near future :-(
I'm able to send and receive data via API, all what I'm missing,
is a generic protocol to display the status, battery (and mybe the "intrusion")
Is there a chance to do this "minimally invasive" :-)
What about abusing the generic weather for just the battery status?
Hi curlymo,
manny thanks for your fast reply.
I tried this already, but in that case only the battery status is displayed, not the others.
I also tried to combine a generic_switch and generic_weather, to get a on/off status and the battery status, but unfortunally this combination didn't work.
At the moment I play around with the pilight.js and pilight.css, to customize and the generic_weather.
I'm not sure whether this will succeed.
Are there any other options to realize my intension?
Cheers, Mike.

B.t.w.: I found two different folders with pilight.js and pilight.css (webgui and webgui-master).
Which one is the right one to modify?
Where did you find them?
I did find them under: /usr/local/pilight...
... Oops, webgui-master seems to be a backup folder Blush

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