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Wich Version to use
Hi out there...

I am a little bit confused.

I used the development branch all the time. I changed all Config rules to the new 7.x Dev-behavior
Old behavior were we needed the IS operator because the comparison was non-nummeric
IF switch.state IS on THEN ...
New behavior is that we don't have to worry about this anymore and can just use the == operator
IF switch.state == on THEN ...
Today, I did apt update/upgrade and got pilight 8.0.3 installed and my config didn´t work, because changes made in rewrite backports don´t apply;-(

Of Course, I can backroll to 7.x Dev, but I like to follow latest updates.

So, here´s my question: wich branch is the latest and newest? Wich branch should I follow?

I don´t see, why there is a difference between 7.x Dev and 8.x, or, in other words, why is the latest dev not 8.x?
The current version 8 is behind the current dev version 7. Don't ask me to explain it Smile

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