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TFA 30.3208.02
Attached there are the log dbg_21 .. dbg_25

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.txt   dbg_25.txt (Size: 1.21 KB / Downloads: 0)
Attached there are the log dbg_31 .. dbg_35

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.txt   dbg_31.txt (Size: 1.65 KB / Downloads: 1)
.txt   dbg_32.txt (Size: 2.54 KB / Downloads: 0)
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.txt   dbg_34.txt (Size: 334 bytes / Downloads: 0)
.txt   dbg_35.txt (Size: 1.04 KB / Downloads: 1)
i use the same sensors and can read them out  successfully with this tool:

github: alex-konshin/f007thrpi

I think the TFA 30.3208.02 is identical to the F007TH.  
is there now a solution for this sensor, so that I can use it with pilight?

best regards,
I implemented a solution in the tfa2017 branch of github.com/behrisch/pilight. It is currently a pull request under review but you can give it a try already. I am not sure about the name though. I named it tfa2017 because the tfa30 was already taken but the number still starts with TFA 30 and I did not want to use the full number as the name. I chose the 2017 because there is a revision 08/17 printed on the device. Do you think we should name it F007TH because that seems to be the original implementation? But then TFA users will have a harder time finding it. Or is there a better name?

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