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Charts for temperature sensors?
My temperature sensors work fine with pilight 8.0.4! Now I want to have charts to see how temperatures change over hours and days. How to do that?
I have read that e.g. pimatic would have charts. But I also read that the development of its pilight plugin is stuck at version 7.x. Any experience on that?
Charts require a continious data storage with pilight does not support at the moment. I'm still planning to implement it in the future, but as a single developer, other thing have a higher priority.
(01-01-2018, 12:21 PM)curlymo Wrote: I'm still planning to implement it in the future, but as a single developer, other thing have a higher priority.

Hi curlymo, of course! We all appreciate your work very much. Nice to hear that this feature is planned for pilight itself!

Actually I already would be glad if there was some other home automation system which is able to integrate pilight and supports this feature. Maybe someone can give me a hint?
OpenHab, HomeAssistent are two that i know of. And of course, you could use the pilight API yourself.

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