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[Solved] uuid check removed from development

Now everything I need seemed to work with the latest development version, I decided to completely move over to that version.
Unfortunalely I saw too late that this version no longer has the uuid check for devices. This clearly makes this version useless for me now because of interference Confused .

I need the ad hoc network to cover all necessary locations (experimenting with all kinds of antennas didn't result in a reliably working solution).

So I had to drop the latest version and returned to the old one.

I don't know why you removed the uuid check (I saw you modified the relevant code and commented out some of  it), but is there any possiblity to get it back into v7 development?
Can't remember i did that? What commits are you referring to?
My conclusion was wrong. Indeed you commented out some code, but apparently you replaced it with some new code. Because switching a device using the uuid of the client didn't work with the new version I looked at the relevant code and saw the lines you commented out. Then my apparently wrong conclusion was that the uuid check was removed.

I now checked with a led on the client's  transmitter pin and indeed the uuid check is working, although my device is not switching. That must have a different cause, so I apologise for this false alarm.

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