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ESP8266 with 433 MhZ Transceiver/Receiver as Remote for Raspberry
Hallo i search a way to gain up my Range.

I have a Raspberry PI3 with 433 MHz Sender/Receiver and it works but i will also send and receive signals in my Garden and so is my Question:

Is it possible to connect a sender and Receiver on a NodeMCU and use this siminary as second Sender / Receiver at the Raspberry PI?

Hallo ich würde gerne die Reichweite erhöhen und so auch geräte im Garten schalten.

meine Vorstellung einen Sender und Empfänger an einer NodeMCU und diese wird auf dem Raspberry PI auf dem Piligt läuft als 2. Sender und 2. Empfänger eingestellt. Geht sowas?
So something like ESP-pilight?
i think hes talking about having a nodemcu connected via wifi instead of an Nano connected by USB (Serial) as hardware device for 433Mhz.

I would also like to have such a feature. As Wifi is easy to extend by repeaters NodeMCUs could be set up everywhere in the house, talking, or being controlled by a single pilight RPi

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