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invalid: operator "==" does not exist
The latest commit in both development and rewrite throws an error when using == in a rule.

[Jan 18 16:09:38:505556] pilight-daemon: ERROR: rule #1 invalid: operator "==" does not exist
[Jan 18 16:09:38:505644] pilight-daemon: INFO: rule #1 was parsed until: ...  THEN switch DEVICE gen_switch.state TO off
[Jan 18 16:09:38:505679] pilight-daemon: INFO: rule #1 rule_1 was parsed in 0.000198 seconds


       "rules": {
               "rule_1": {
                       "rule": "IF 1 == 1 THEN switch DEVICE gen_switch.state TO off",
                       "active": 1
Can you check if the equal lua operator is loaded?

I at least can't confirm.

Despite that issue, your rule is wrong anyway, because the DEVICE should be gen_switch

After recompiling a new commit using make, I usually run ./pilight-daemon -D from the build directory to make sure that everything still works. Only if everything still works, then I run make install.

However, in this case the lua event operator did not load without make install.

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