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no callback on some http requests
I didn't even find the time to send you the headers you asked for and you already fixed it! Smile  I guess I shouldn't try to fix issues with these rather complex core modules myself anymore.

Updated and tested. The fix is working. Thanks again.

One thing that became even more clear now is that the timeout of 3 seconds is too strict. Before I thought it mainly happened with some slow (embedded) webservers, but now these premature 408 responses have been fixed,  I see that also weather underground isn't always resopnding within 3 seconds.  With a busy network (eg. several downloads ore streaming going on) this happens even more.

I realize that at this time not many people will be using http, so possibly I am the only one now experiencing this issue, so I will continue using a modified http.c.

Nevertheless, I still think that giving the user the possibility to set the timeout value within given limits would be a good idea.

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