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HE889 vs. Smartwave SH5-RBU-04A
I've been using HE889 for some time to actuate my screens. As there is no Elro HE 800 Screen-protocol (only Switches) after some fiddling i successfully used kaku_screen_old to operate them (Learned them by tapping up and down).

I've now bought the successor SH5-RBU-04A for an other screen. This device is not willing to learn the codes. Seems the old protocoll was dropped in this device Angry . BUT if i uses kaku_screen instead, it can be learned Smile .

Just in case somebody has the same Problem.

I did some more testing, which protocols can be learned by which device:

HomeasyControler HE850 with Code1
elro_800_switch (but there is no screen gui, for stopping the screen by a further tap)

HomeasyControler HE850 with Code1


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