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check API in pilight 8
I am using pilight 8 with FHEM 5.8.
In FHEM I am using a plilight module to control my pilight switches via 433mhz.

Changes done in the plight GUI should be sent to FHEM via the API on port 5000.
But they don't work. I want to find out if they aren't sent or were the malfuction is based on.
Is it possible to debug or plot what communcation is sent by the API on port 5000 ?

Best regards
Just start pilight in debugging mode an you'll see all socket messages.
I managed to fix this by changing the protocol from brennenstuhl to silvercrest. Changes done in pilight are now reflected in fhem. Is the API capable for showing status changes in the vice versa order? If I use switch in fhem to show this change in the pilight GUI?
That depends on FHEM communicating the changes back.
Okay, thank you. Then I will investigate on that end.

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