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Looking for a cheap temperature and humidity sensor

I'm looking for a cheap temperature and humidity sensor which is ready to use. Powered by battery. 

Can you recommend something? I don't need a complete weather station, just the sensor. I only want to see the values of the sensors in pilight.

Thank you Smile

i have several of these Sensors with pilight working :


... but I do not know the measurement accuracy of this cheap sensors Wink
Thank you, I will try one of them but both have really long shipping time to Germany Crying 

Any other suggestion?
in german :
Quote:Naja, wenn Du noch nen paar Euro investiert und aus China mit Priority Direct Mail und nicht free shipping bestellst geht das recht fix und bleibt ggf auch nich beim Zoll hängen... (meistens falsch deklariert)


Edit : Hier bei der Amazone gibt's den unteren für den doppelten Preis. Der ist dann auch morgen schon in deinem Briefkasten :


in english :
Quote:for a few more money you can order with "Priority Direct Mail" at the banggood store. The parcel comes faster...

if you dont want to order by banggood, the sensors are available at the amazon shop for the double price. But 10€ is IMHO ok.

This is an English forum so please translate your post to English again.
done... OT: Is there a chance to become a german subforum here ?

Nope. You can always create a german forum elsewhere. I can't moderate a german forum because i don't speak it.
Thank you. I ordered one from the German website.
There is also a cheap one on amazon.de
Is that one also working?
Anyone know of others that work also?  These only have 3 channels, so you can't run more then 3 of them.  I need to run at least 6 stations.
(03-10-2018, 10:33 PM)geokscott Wrote: These only have 3 channels, so you can't run more then 3 of them.  I need to run at least 6 stations.

The 3 channels are for the main wheather station (you dont have it). The sensors itself change the "ID" after every Battery change. So you can use many of them with pilight.


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