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Voltcraft RC30
Hey there,

I recently bought some of these:


I was able to checkout the protocol using a SDR and some googeling, and I already implemented a working solution in python. I'm not sure if this protocol already exists in pilight, if not I would like to contribute. Here is a short description:

680 µS Step time
Bit 0 = 1 step off, 2 steps on
Bit 1 = 2 stepf off, 1 step on
Message consists of 21 bits
0: startbit
1-12: housecode
13-14: channel
15: all/dim
16: on or dim
17: dim
18: 0
19-20: checksum

Does this ring a bell with somebody? If yes let me know how the protocol is called in pilight, if no I will implement it

Yes, please do open a PR.

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