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deleyCON remote plug socket (arctec_screen_old protocol)
Hallo all,
I have theses plug sockets from deleyCON ( goo [dot] gl/ELy6DV ). I receive the following data from pilight-receive:

      "message": {
               "id": 21,
               "unit": 8,
               "state": "up"
       "origin": "receiver",
       "protocol": "arctech_screen_old",
       "uuid": "0000-b8-27-eb-d41a3b",
       "repeats": 14

I searched but can not find my device with this protocol in the pilight documentation so I guess it is not implemented. It would be nice if you could add my device to pilight. Thank you for your work!
Can you use code tags when posting on this forum?
(02-22-2018, 12:28 PM)curlymo Wrote: Can you use code tags when posting on this forum?

Like this?
Yes, and please restore the original indenting for readability.
(02-22-2018, 06:29 PM)curlymo Wrote: Yes, and please restore the original indenting for readability.

Okay I hope it is okay now. Could you please help my with my question? I think that it is possible to use my device with pilight. Can you give me a hint how I can add the device to my config or if this is not possible tell me what I can do to add it? Btw you do an awesome job with pilight thank you for all your work!
You need the kaku_switch_old protocol
(02-28-2018, 06:42 PM)curlymo Wrote: You need the kaku_switch_old protocol

Thank you for your help with that I appreciate it! I have a new question. I have other remote plugs ( t1p (dot) de (slash) 7zqs ). I dont receive a known protocol with pilight receive, but I receive a decimal code with 433Utils (RFSniffer):

An: 39668 60
Aus: 39668 52

An: 39668 58
Aus: 39668 50

An: 39668 57
Aus: 39668 49

An: 39668 61
Aus: 39668 53

An: 39668 59
Aus: 39668 51

For every channel I receive 39668 followed by two digits (there is no whitespace I added it for readebility). Is there a protocol I could use for these remote plugs or do I have to use a custom script in combination with the program protocol? Thank you for any suggestions or help!

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