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Dimmer issue when Homebridge is running
Dear all,

I am facing an issue for a long time for which I could not find help on this forum.

When pilight is running without Homebridge and its pluggin Homebridge-pilight, everything works great. For example, dimmers can be dimmed to a proper dim level via GUI or via command line pilight-send.

But when I start Homebridge service, dimmers do not react properly on dim commands via pilight GUI or via command line pilight-send. Switches are operating correctly though.

When checking the pilight logs, I do not see any differences in the commands. How could Homebridge screw this up?
Did anyone face this issue already?

Many thanks for your help,
Have you asked @Homebridge?
(03-13-2018, 06:43 PM)curlymo Wrote: Have you asked @Homebridge?

Hi Curlymo,

Yes, in parallel, no answer yet. I am surprised by the fact that pilight behaviour for dimmers is degraded as soon as Homebridge is launched.
I have no clue. And because pilight works, it must be Homebridge.

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