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No link from manual-pages to main page?
It seems there is no way back from manual.pilight.org to the main page.
The pilight logo there links to the manual- index page (whereas on forum.pilight.org it links to pilight.org).

Is this by intent? Maybe a known issue?

The about-us link on the main page,
also redirects to the manual... bug? intended?
Both intended but i'm open for suggestions. The manual pages sources can be found on github development branch.
Well i'd say it would be a better user experience if there was an obvious way (back) to the main site.
A link below/above the logo for example.

Linking the logo to the main site has the downside that some might expect the current behaviour of linking to the manual-index.

So i'd say at least it would make sense to have the logo link with the same logic on the manual and the forum...
Also, surfing around i realize it's a pain to not have  easy click-paths between manual and forum...

I guess some kind of top navigation on all sub-sites with links for Main Site | Manual | Forum would make sense.
Then, the logo's could each link to the sub-site's index
I've looked into this and sphinx doesn't allow this.
(03-26-2018, 09:39 PM)curlymo Wrote: I've looked into this and sphinx doesn't allow this.

Well I guess sphinx only generates the HTML, which u then serve through some Webserver, right?
This here,
Reads like you COULD have your own app, where you have some elements first and then include the sphinx elements. 
But off course, I don't know sphinx, this was just a quick glance...
The point is that i don't serve a part of sphinx, but i run a full sphinx online with a webhook. As soon as a commit is done to the development branch, the manual is automatically rebuild. No manual labour required.

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