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Eventing documentation
The word "hooks", used  in the current pilight documentation is not proper English. In Dutch we can use  the word "haakjes" for what we need for fishing for instance , but also for the "(" and ")" symbols. In English the first ones are indeed called "hooks", but the other ones are called "parentheses" (USA) or "round brackets" (UK).

I noticed before that in the source code the word hooks is also being used, but most users won't see that code at all. English speaking users reading the documentation will probably understand what is meant by the context the word "hooks" is being used in.

However I think that in the documentation the word "hooks" should be replaced by proper English words.
Mind doing a PR on that Smile Source code and docs in separate PR's.
When I wrote that I saw the word "hooks" in the source code before, I meant the old eventing source code. Since you completely rewrote that source code, this possibly does not even apply to the new code (will check if I have time)

Anyway, wouldn't it be best to update the documentation only now, since that is what users see directly? 

As for the words to be used, do you prefer the American version "parenteses" or the UK English version "round brackets"?

Personally I prefer saying "round  brackets, further referred to as brackets" in the beginning of the chapter and just use "brackets" in the rest of it.
Parenthesis is what i know best as the word for it.

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