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need some help with program protocol
I'm new to raspi/linux and more into Arduino programming and currently prefere a raspi/arduino combination for my homeautomation. My programming knowledge is self-taught, so maybe I'll use the wrong vocabulary ;-).

I would like to send arguments to a script I wrote in python! The arguments will be transfer to a serial.write command inside the script. 

Example command:
$ python scmd.py -ic1d

This command selects channel 1 (c1) and moves my screens down (d) by my "arduino hacked" somfy remote. As far this works well!

First my plan is to send commands to the arduino and it should make the rest, like lifting the screens by night or close them if it's getting to warm inside during sunshine. The arduino only needs serial commands like described above and it has its own routines. 

But I don't know how to integrate a controll to pilight! Is it possible yet? I had a look at the program protocol but as far I understand it right it fits not to my plans. Or am I wrong?
Use the generic_switch and check state changes through the socket api you can use within python.

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