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Wrong description for KAKU protocols
In the configuration options screen shown when building pilight, the description for the KAKU dimmer, -dusk and -motion iis telling that these are "support for the old ... protocol".
Imho that should be "support for the new ... protocol"
You can just open a PR for these findings.
I am now working with the staging branch (8.1.1)  and my current fork is quite old (8.0.3). To make a new PR, I need a fork that is up to date, but I can have only one fork at a time. I still have an open PR for the development branch (generic_label with blink option), but for staging that PR is outdated because of the new events parser.

Can I safely create a new fork and do a PR for the KAKU descriptions, for the staging branch?

Also, must I make a new PR for the label blink option for the staging branch?
Read about feature branches. That means having multiple branches with the same base code leading to the different PR's on the same branch.
Yes, I know I can create multiple branches, but for this new PR I need the current base code (containing version 8.1.1  code),  while my existing PR is based on older base code.
I don't see the issue if we can maintain multiple branches.

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