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http library doesn't properly handle big response
Do you prefer one PR for all actions, or separate ones for each one of them?
All in one is fine. If we at least talking about the actions with the ordering checks removed.
When testing the actions after removing order checking, I noticed that the pushover- and pushbullet actions aren't being loaded at startup because the minimal required version is 8.1.2. The latest current staging version is 8.1.1.

That was the effect of a last minute change I made after I saw your version of the http action you published on the wiki.
Stupid of me that I did not test again after making that change. Blush

Ofc. it is easy to fix, but do you want me to make PR's for this fix, now that these actions have been published in staging?
Testing the dim action without order checking, I found that a check for the validity of the argument of the "TO" option (dimlevel) is missing. The dimlevel must be a number. If a string is entered instead of a number, an error is reported now that doesn't say what really is wrong and is unclear for the user:

ERROR: /usr/local/lib/pilight/actions/dim.lua:97: bad argument #1 to 'hasDimlevel' (number expected, got nil)

I therefore am suggesting to add an expilicit check for the validity of the TO option.

Do you you want a separate PR for this?
No, i will fix it myself, because it maybe requires an additional unit test.
OK, then I will wait with my PR for the removed order checking until you have pused the fix.
Do we consider the latest staging code ready for stable?
I cannot confirm that now, because I haven't been able to test with my full config yet. All I can say is that all issues I have seen so far have been fixed . I hope I can test later this week.
I started testing staging with my full config. Until now, I found one new issue: SCREEN devices cannot be swithed because the SCREEN device type is not being handled in lua/config.c.

An issue I mentioned before is that the 3 second timeout is too short in many cases.

I hope to do more testing the days to come.
I pushed the screen lua lib type.

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