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pushbullet and pushover
There is definitely something wrong there, because now I cannot login anymore either.

But anyway, I don't think I know enough of this to be able ask the right questions on that forum Unsure .

I noticed this thread, but I guess you alo have seen that. No idea if it is relevant for our issue.
You wrote earlier that a certain python library had the same issues. Can you tell me what library that was. Maybe their fix can help us as well.
I don't rember which version it was, but I still have an old PI somewhere that may still have the version with the python ssl issue. I hope I can find the time too look for it and verify.
I found the solution Big Grin 

We need to set the hostname for the tls connection.

This fails:
openssl s_client -connect api.pushbullet.com:443

This works:
openssl s_client -connect api.pushbullet.com:433 -servername api.pushbullet.com

Inside mbedtls, that means calling:

With the same parameter.
Well that's great news!

I was still searching for the point where the issue started in python and I can stop that now Tongue .
I pushed the fix.
OK, thanks I will continue testing pushbullet- and pushover actions asap.
Both pushover and pushbullet actions are now working and tested.

I have no valid api key for pushover to test with, but when I enter a fake key the reponse from pushover is that the key is invalid Big Grin But at least that shows that the request as such is working. It would be nice if someone owning a valid pushover key could test the action.

I tested the pushbullet action with my personal api key and that is working fine.

Attached my final versions of both actions.

Attached Files
.zip   push actions.zip (Size: 1.75 KB / Downloads: 3)

Can you offer me the pushbullet HTTP communication to i can built the unit test for them?

@Alex, can you test pushover for us?
@Niek, a small reminder for the HTTP headers.

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