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pushbullet and pushover
I pushed the pushbullet unit test. Can you check if you're pleased with it:

Also, a reminder to let me know when you're fine with the new version.
Ah, now I understand why you were so keen on getting those headers Smile .

The test code looks good, but I don't have rewrite installed, so I cannot really test it.

So far I didn't find any new issues with staging. For myself I need more testing with the latest staging fixes and my own extensions, but if I should still find issues then, they probably won't affect common pilight users.

One "issue" that I reported and did a PR for (#418), are the wrong descriptions for some kaku devices in CMakeConfig.txt, but not many people will install stable manually, so this is not really important.

Edit: I forgot to mention again the http timeout of 3 seconds being too short in many cases.

So I think it is ready for stable now.

There are several open PR's (most of them for development) that are obsolete now, because they are based on the old version of eventing. Wouldn't it be time to close those PR's now?

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