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Publishing lua modules on the wiki

You have recently published the http action on the 3rd party modules page of the wiki and I am thinking of publishing several of my lua modules there too. Now pilight ofc. only has usage documentation for native modules, not for modules on the wiki. Therfore I think we should add a column "usage" or "documentation", linking to a page with a short description of the way to use the module.

Although it is quite simple, we should also add a description of how to "install" these lua modules. That could be done in the documentation page for each module separately or preferably as a generic "lua module installation" page.

I noticed that the link to the source just displays the source code, but doesn't provide a decent way to download it. I thought that this could be solved by adding a filename to the <code> tag, but I tried that and it doesn't work. Also using <file> instead of <code> doesn't help. Do you know a way to solve this?
Yes, the wiki is free to be updated to any of your liking. I don't know how to set download filenames. Maybe you can check dokuwiki?
I already did check docuwiki, and did exactly as they say, but it seems the <code> tag is not working properly. When you look at the docuwiki syntax documentation, it is clear that the <code> tag doesn't work as expected, as you don't see the php code being highlighted as it should. Could this be a configuration issue?
I've upgraded dokuwiki and it works now. Thanks for mentioning this.

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