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Graphing plight-debug output using MS-Excel
Here you go a method to plot the output given by pilight-debug. Plotting the output can help determining the modulation.

1) Get the output from pilight-debug
2) Paste the output in MS-Excel
3) Make use of "Text to Columns" feature to get every measurement on one cell
4) Transpose the data from columns to rows
5) Now it is time to create start-end periods. In the attached picture cell C2=0, D2=A1 and then C3=D2+A3, D3=C3+A4. Copy and drag cells C3&D3 for all values on column A.
6) On cell F2 set formula 
=INDEX(C:D, (ROW()+3)/4+1, MOD(INT((ROW()+3)/2),2)+1)

7) On cell G2 set formula
=MOD(INT(ROW()/2), 2)
8) Columns F and G are the ones to be used to create a "XY (Scatter) / Straight Lines" chart
9) Then you should get something like this
Nice! This will help users into protocol development.

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