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pilight-debug shows nothing
i jsut finished installing pilight on raspi with raspbmc, connected the 433 modules according to this:

receiver on pin 11, sender onpin 12
but i get no input when i start pilight-debug and press my kika remote

i tested pilight a year ago, back then it worked fine

has anythng changed?

pilight-raw shows this:
I'm experiencing the same after upgrading from 8.1.2 to 8.1.3 deb (on a raspberry pi 3)
After the upgrade pilight-debug just shows its initial message and then stays quiet until i hit ^C.
I then downgraded to 8.1.2 (running apt-get remove pilight; apt-get install pilight=8.1.2) and
after that, pilight-debug starts working again.

SO. This must be some glitch in version 8.1.3. The changelog specifically mentions:

Fixed a segfault in pilight-debug and pilight-raw

Perhaps those fixes intruduced this bug ...

Thanks for reporting. The issue was older, but i found and fixed it. Can you check the nightly of tomorrow and confirm?
(10-17-2018, 04:32 PM)curlymo Wrote: Thanks for reporting. The issue was older, but i found and fixed it. Can you check the nightly of tomorrow and confirm?

I can confirm, that with pilight-8.1.3-4-gd2ee2d0d, pilight-debug works as expected again.


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